I just want to give a big shout out and thank you to all that have supported Only Hope in 2018. The Past 7 Years have been able to be of a service to over 5,300 youth.
I am proud of the accomplishments we have made in the past 7 years of
existence; many of which have been made without having a large overhead
 cost. But this is not over until WE move forward in ending youth homelessness
by opening a safe place for youth that have nowhere else to turn.

Cause Together We CAN and WILL End Youth Homelessness!

Thank You So Much for Your Continuing Support,

Michael Absher


Please call to ask for help and someone will get with you. Call us at 828-693-5499

Our founder

Basic Necessities: Whether a bar of
soap, a toothbrush, or a can of pork and
beans, we have a pantry stocked with basic items that every student and their families may need. These are provided with minimal paperwork and are offered free to homeless students and their families. School Supplies: Along with the most basic essentials, we know students are required to provide certain materials for their education. We offer a variety of school supplies to students not only once a year, but any time they may need supplies throughout the year.


Only Hope Wnc, Inc. is a local non-profit whose mission is to promote the value of education, honor individuality and diversity, nurture respect for self and others, and provide hope for young people in need in community.

Do you or someone

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Where we are located

We are now located in our own building, housed in the same location as our dream home.

416 Allen Rd

East Flat Rock, NC 28726

Assistance Fund: From time to time
requests come in for things not located in our
pantry. Whether it be gas for a car, clothing for
a job interview, class dues, sports participation
fees, or graduation expenses, we have an
emergency fund set up to provide assistance
to homeless students. Based on availability,
assistance may also be given to help with
utility bills.


Opportunities abound at Only Hope WNC to get involved. Whether bringing a group in to sort through our pantry, an individual helping with paperwork, or if you’re up to it, serving on the Only Hope board, you can help make a difference. Contact us for these and many other opportunities to help.


Only Hope Dream Home: Imagine having a
place where homeless teens can come and feel safe. A place where they can come when they have no where else to go. A place to offer training for a bright future. A home where we are able to find stable housing for students, transition them into independent living, and offer support services for them. This is the dream of Only Hope. We are on our way to making that dream a reality. Through fundraising, corporate and private support, and with donations from concerned citizens, The Dream Home will become more than a dream!

Together We CAN and WILL End Youth Homlessness!!

Emergency Housing: In the event a
student is left out in the cold, we will help with
temporary (typically 1 or 2 nights) housing for
students and their families.


Only Hope exists to serve the homeless youth of WNC by providing a home and services where education, personal growth, and opportunity are supported and encouraged. Only Hope strives to promote the value of education, honor individuality and diversity, nurture respect for self and others, and provide hope for young people in need in our community.